How The Sausage Gets Made In Chicago

If you live in Chicago and have eaten a hot dog at any point, odds are one of 3 businesses in town got it into your hands. From the distribution strategy to the raw economics of opening a hot dog stand in town, we're joined by food writer/Hot Dog University graduate (yes, that's a thing) John Carruthers to talk about how the sausage gets made in Chicago and what the larger culture around hot dogs and street food as a business

- What's the Hot Dog scene in Chicago in 2019? (4:35)
- The monoculture around Vienna Beef in Chicago (05:55)
- Behind-the-scenes at the Vienna Beef plant and why the stereotype about what goes into hot dogs isn't true (07:12)
- The business of starting a hot dog stand in Chicago (12:10)
- What to look for when you want a quality Chicago dog (16:13)
- The Wild World of alternative meats  (20:18)
- The culture around "no ketchup on hot dogs" in Chicago (21:30)
- What is the best all-around hot dog spot in Chicago right now? (24:35)
- The shift in restaurant culture from in-person to app-focused delivery (29:45)

SONG OF THE WEEK - "Dennehey" by Serengeti (40:31)
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