The Office Hours Interview: Andrew Hampp

Andrew Hampp is a brand partnerships specialist, copywriter and journalist who founded consultancy 1803 LLC in 2018. Andrew currently works with a wide range of brand, agency and media clients to help them achieve their goals within the music and advertising industries. Prior to forming 1803 LLC, Andrew spend three years with MAC Presents as a VP-Brand Strategists where he focused on helping blue-chip brands and A-list artists build industry-leading music strategies and experiences. He also spent a decade as a full-time music and marketing journalist at spots like Billboard and Ad Age. We talk about how media has changed since the start of the decade (6:00), trends he sees in the partnership space in 2020 and beyond (26:00), brands he thinks are doing cool stuff in the partnership space (33:00) and why Mariah Carey is still somehow underrated as a songwriter (40:00) TUNES: "Wit Da Team" - Genesis Owusu "Stay Long Love You" - Mariah Carey feat. Gunna

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