Whatcha Drinkin, Whatcha Thinkin'

What's the most popular cocktail in Chicago? What are emerging trends to watch in the world of booze? Wine + Spirits Guru Max Heinemann from Nielsen CGA stops by to give us the biz behind the booze.

Ernest creates a brand-new segment mid-episode: 7:30 
What category of spirit does Chicago drink the most? 10:00 
"Y’all ever had a drink called the Incredible Hulk?” 15:23 
What cocktail does Chicago consume more than any other city in America? 27:40 
Chicken Finger syndrome 28:50
The Top 5 cocktails ordered in Chicagoland 30:00 
Emerging trends in wine and spirits to watch 38:00 
Natural wine: Fad or Here to Stay? 48:00 

SONG OF THE WEEK: Big Lean Feat. Nipsey Hussle, “California Water”  


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